Is it an election or an auction?

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"Is it an election or an auction," said former State Senator Allen Kukovich today at lecture.

With all the mudslinging going on between the democratic and republican parties, it seems that the concern is more about negative campaign ads against the opposing party rather than the issues on hand. The Senator explained the only way to combat with the election at hand, especially with the name-calling, is for individuals to fully participate, that means voting, in the election. "Whenever you don't participate, you give even more power to those who already have it," Kukovich said. We all need to vote this year especially when our economy is in jeopardy.

Kukovich stated that many don't even pay attention to the election until 3 weeks before voting begins. They then become engaged, involved and enthusiastic about the election when they hardly know anything about the candidates.

Senator Kukovich stated that since May, 100,000 new voters have registered. I am registered to vote and since early June, I have been paying close attention, or at least I'm trying, to the election. (GO OBAMA!)

An issue Allen went in depth about was our economy which is in jeopardy due to the lack of regulation by the government with lending and CEOs of huge corporations. He explained that we have to rely on manufacturing, where our people are make the items and supplies, instead of sending them overseas. This related a little to my Senior Seminar class where my group and I are working on a critical issue that is part of the election: USA Intervention and Priorities. We are arguing that as a country, we need to worry about our problems first before we go help out other countries. It may sound selfish, but it's true.




Jackie Johns said:

I agree that political officials should start taking a more vested interest in domestic problems. And with all the recent talk of the bail-out package, I think they are; but, I almost feel like this is a "too little, too late" move. It's like the student equivalent of starting to do your homework when you realize you're failing a course 2 weeks before the semester ends (okay, kind of a weak analogy, but it’s the best way I could think to put it...). As a newly registered voter, I don't find this very encouraging. Like I said to some friends last night, I never imagined I'd be entering the job force in a world where people can hardly keep their jobs or their homes.

Daniella Choynowski said:

Issues? Still don't know what those are. I do know that Obama was compared to Paris Hilton. The ad succeeded in making McCain look like an idiot, but a couple months later, he's in the press again and its Palin pandemonium. Mudslinging isn't part of the election: it is the election. The sheer stupidity of the PR team that made that Paris Hiltion ad still baffles me. What were you thinking?

We do need to worry about problems here at home. Look what happened to AIG and Fannie Mae. The governement needs to find a substitute for foreign oil so we can focus on ourselves. As it is, we have gigantic oil debts with the middle east and China. If we don't take care of ourselves, the country will fall apart and then we really won't be able to protect the world (we are the global mother, whether you want to admit it or not). So it really is better for everyone that America takes a little "me-time."

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