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"Most of the problem with corporate websites is poor structure: visitors receive inadequate orientation, so they can't navigate to the information they want."
-Writing for the Web 3.0

Like Kilian explained earlier in this book, its all about the structure of the site and the text. If I go to a website and I'm confused as to where to go, I will leave the site and will most likely never return. Then again, "even when the site design is good, the quality of the writing may make the information unusable and the desired action unappealing to most readers." So basically, if the site is impossible to navigate and the writing is poor, the corporation may suffer from a decrease of customers.

In Kevin's blog, he wrote that "the corporate heads, the web writers, and even the readers all have a part to promote a product or service. As web writers Killian states that we must keep our ego offstage and engage the reader on terms of equality. If the reading thinks that he/she is being jived, then that company will undoubtedly lose a customer." If there are more than two people working on a corporate website, the competition to be the best writer on the site will probably allow for this "ego writing" to come through even when the site isn't their own personal site, but one that is trying to sell a product or service.


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