Oil prices + M.B.A grad student = One Pissed Off Man

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So before class started today, I was browsing around the internet and stumbled across an article that made me infuriated.
For the first time in six months, oil prices closed below $100.
- Yahoo! Finance

"They used a natural disaster as an excuse to make money," said a current M.B.A grad student here at Seton Hill who asked to remain anonymous.

So my question is, if oil prices closed in at less than a hundred dollars, why are we still paying $3.69 a gallon. And just for your information, the damage done by Hurricane Ike was less than many expected so I think we all should be refunded the 20 cents more we paid before Ike came to land.

"Oil companies change prices two to three times through the course of the day which is illegal but they get away with it because there is such a high demand for it," he exclaimed.


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