These teachers are educating the young minds of the USA?

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"Do the risque pages matter if teacher performance is not hindered and if students, parents and school officials don't see them? At what point are these young teachers judged by the standards for public officials?"
-When Young Teachers Go Wild on the Web

I do believe that you must keep your professional life and work life separate. Like Chelsea said in her blog, "I know that if my name is on something I'm making sure that if anyone that wouldn't normally stop by my site doesn't think that I'm just another 'stupid teenager'." I think that if you are a teacher, you should grow up and not have a Facebook or MySpace account. At this time of your life, you should be past that stage, you're a professional educating the young minds of America.

I know realize that many of the teachers they interviewed were in their 20s but they are behaving, for the most part, like young adults like nothing they post on the internet will hurt them in the future. Well guess what? It does. It is amazing that many are clueless to the fact that their principals and superintendents can find ways around the internet and find their pages. Hello!!!! The internet is not safe.

All teachers, no matter what their age, are and should be judged by the public officials standards immediately following their acceptance to the job.

We all need to understand that nothing on the internet is private and if you are going to have an account on a social website make sure all your "friends" on that network are your closest friends and to keep it private.


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