When in doubt, just ask Kilian... or Andy Lonigro

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Okay, so Andy basically has it down to a science with his 10 webtext-ments. Thank you, Andy, for your very descriptive and helpful blog. 

Not only are these rules that we should use when writing on the internet, but most of them could be used for other academic writing too. These rules aren't anything we haven't heard before, but the way Kilian uses examples and defending her rules really allows for us to soak in all this information. Daniella felt like she just "read a high school/basic composition grammar review."

I think we all are always a little worried with using passive and active verbs. But when we are writing on the internet, we always want to make sure that we are putting all the attention on the action, not the actors because that is what readers want. We should use active sentences when we are writing on our personal blogs, etc because then the reader always knows who is doing what.

So here is what else I learned:

Cliches are bad. Don't use them because they are so ordinary and lazy.

Use strong verbs. You want your readers to be blown away with your clear and concise writing skills.

Use proper grammar. Well duh, that is obvious.

Make sure you use clear antecedents, otherwise your reader won't know who he or she is. 

That's pretty much what I got out of this reading.


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