Backseat Love Story

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Backseat Love Story

The moon acted as spotlight on the lake where we spent our first summer together three years ago. Here we were, same place, still together and more in love than ever. The clanging acoustic guitar of Kenney Chesney filled the midnight black sky as Joey and I lay on the hood of his Chevy truck. It was the last night we had together for tomorrow we would be saying sentimental goodbyes filled with heartache and tears.
Lying on the dented red hood, he turned to me and said, “Your eyes put the stars to shame tonight,” lightly brushing my hair from my eyes.
Nestling my head into his soothing arms, the radiance of the night sky created a glimmer on the ring placed on my left hand earlier that day. At the age of nineteen, I had married to the love of my life who in one day was heading to Iraq. I tried not to think of what might happen over there and instead focused on our first and last night together as man and wife.
Living in a small Christian town filled with immense morals and values, we decided to wait until we got married to consummate our love, for any premarital relations would be a sin in the eyes of the Lord. I knew he was just as nervous as I was about what would end our night together. He was watching the stars and planes, one of which he would board tomorrow, flying above our heads. I closed my eyes and listened to his familiar heartbeat that I wouldn’t hear for two tortuous years.
We laid there for a silent hour before another word was spoken. Lifting my head up to meet his, Joey caressed my face and kissed me. Soon we found ourselves in the back seat of this truck finally consummating our love. The windows became saturated with steam and the seats sheltered with our clothes. After a physical and emotional two hours, we dressed and drove to our new home together where we fell asleep in one another’s arms.
The alarm went off at five o’clock to an undelightful awakening and miserable morning where I wished I could’ve hit the snooze button and avoided the inevitable sending off of my soldier to Iraq. We arrived at the base with my eyes swollen and puffy from the early morning cry. With a last hug, a final kiss, and an emotional “I love you,” Joey walked up the stairs to board the plane that was stealing him from me. There would be no more lake picnics, Sunday morning brunches, Friday night movies, or Wednesday softball games at the base for the next two years. My whole life left me on the now-empty blacktop of the runway.
It’s been six months since that atrocious morning and I’m sitting in the gynecologist’s office with my mother awaiting the results of our baby.
We are having a girl.



I like...a lot.

PS - Backseat Love Story is also I band made up of boys that are about 16years old, from around the Pittsburgh area that play a lot of cover songs - incase you cared.

Yeah, I know. I saw them perform.

eric said:

im in that band!!!

annie said:

i went to the backseat lovestory, mandy k, havannah drive show at our high school. love them to death!! all the boys in backseat lovestory, you guys are friends with my cousin...ryan duke.

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