Blog Portfolio Two - A Refresher

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For most of this blogging portfolio, we had various reading assignments dealing with Writing for the Web 3.0 that offered a variety of tips and advice for writing for the internet. I can't say that during this time I learned anything new, but I can say that it was a refresher for me to touch up on the style guides for internet writing. We were exposed to hypertext, ways of writing specifically for the internet, and even tips on how to post an online resume.

Follow the Pattern is an entry where I talk about reading patterns of web surfers.
A Gladiatorial Fight with Rubber Crutches is a blog about editing with some style guide tips.
When in doubt, just ask Kilian...or Andy Lonigro is a blog entry about the rules to writing for the internet.
No More Than 2 an entry on corporate websites and how many people should be working on them.
A Little Bit of Everything - the different types of blogs.
Part One of Electronic Literature
Time for an Investigation - part two of Electronic Literature
It's All About the Feet is an entry about The Body
By: Denamarie To: Kilian - Kilian Critique

Follow the Pattern
Is it an election or an auction?
A Little Bit of Everything
Can I Persuade You?
Wow, that was annoying is a blog about the hypertext The Heist

Andy's Blender Blog
Jackie's Consumer Power blog

The University of the Yellow Wallpaper
Time for an Investigation is a blog that looks deeper into the hypertext Cruising.
An in depth blog about The Body, mainly about her views on her feet.
Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen is a blog about my close reading of Cruising.

Chelsea's Not a girl - Not yet a woman was relatively close to my ideas on Jackson's The Body


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