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Part Two: Looking a little closer at Cruising.

This poem on the go is an oral recitation of a teenager's favorite pastime in Wisconsin. Cruising is a flash based poem with cinematic elements marked by a flow of images accompanied with the text. As I wrote in my other blog, the idea of the text is for the reader to interact with the text. One must first struggle with controlling the speed and the direction of the narrative before closely examining this work.

Cruising is a personal poem about her life in a small town in Wisconsin. As I listened to the recitation again, I could hear the passion in the narrator's voice. After hearing the story again, I turned off the sound and just let the text flow on the screen at a decent speed where I could read word for word. By doing this, I really got to know the text by examining the rhetoric. I then just watched the images fly across my laptop screen where black and white images of a car, a subway train, a girl applying lipstick and a movie theater sign represent the young girl's small town. The images and text seem so stereotypical of a small town girl. This reminds me Journey's song, Don't Stop Believing.They are just small town girls, living in a lonely world who took a station wagon going anywhere. They feel they are lonely, but they have each other, and that is all you really need in this huge world.

The title Cruising is significant because the verb cruise means to travel about without a particular purpose or destination. They girls in the car were enjoying life, spending time with one another, being teenagers in a small town in Mary Jo's father's station wagon. They weren't in a rush to grow up, they just wanted what every teenager wants, love. They hoped that as they drove, or cruised, aimlessly in their small town where they never every crack and bump they would find it. The funny thing is that it is right in front of them, they just can't see it. Love is their friends, their small town, their family, the late nights cruising in town. Don't we all want love?

Have you ever spent a night cruising around town hoping to find something or someone, a change of something so ordinary? I know I have. I have been one of those girls in the back of a car, starring out the window dreaming of life and love and wondering where they are. 


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