Part One of Electronic Literature

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Cruising was my favorite electronic text. Not only is it text creatively arranged with pictures, it is also an oral recitation of a teenager's favorite pastime in small town Wisconsin. The idea of the text is for the reader to interact with the text. One must first struggle with controlling the speed, the direction of the narrative. It was invigorating to see when the text kept up with the sound, the images appear that coincide with the story. One can move from reading the text, to watching the images, to hearing the young woman recite her story. I love this story because it sounds like something I would have written.

The Cape was another story I read. Even though there were very few words, the images were appealing. They were different views, geographical images of Cape Cod. There were eight images to click on and each image had up to 5 sentences. As you moved your mouse over the image, a quick sentence summarized what the page was about.
1- My grandmother Carpenter lived on Cape Cod.
2- We only ever went to visit her once.
3- These events happened a long time ago.
4- My Uncle did not know how to talk to a kid.
5- We practiced whistling behind the glacial erratic.
6- Sounds carry, especially in the winter.
7- What a boring story. I never learned to whistle.
8- If I had a photograph I would insert it here.

The author prepares us from the beginning saying don't believe everything you read. The interesting thing about this story is that you could start at any image and the story would still make sense.

I, You, We was an odd but very original. As a reader, we are inside of some sort of enclosed space where we can rotate around and never return to the same point. The reader makes up their own story by clicking, dragging or just waiting for the screen to move where you see the pronouns I, you and we along with verbs. With every move you get a format of either I VERB You VERB We VERB or any order of I, you or we. You make up a sort of story by doing this. There is only one pronoun of I so you could assume the basis of the story is of the reader, the I.

The Dreamlife of Letters - Cool. Surprisingly, I didn't have to click anything this time. The poem was in a video from. It is more of a presentation than an interaction. The movement of the letters was very unpredictable and it kept me interested. You just have to see for yourself.


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