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Still and Quiet

The swings no longer squeak
to the frantic beat of children.
The sky has turned a dim red,
and the flip flops have worn down to boots.

Our summer skin has faded
to a pasty color of white.
The sounds of seagulls
have turned to the crunching of leaves.

The backyard baseball games
have been traded for football on TV.
The fresh, squeezed lemonade
has become a cup of hot cocoa.

The trees have turned bare
and the ground stiff.
The summer season has died
and the fall has replaced it.

Everything is still and quiet now.


West Coast Envy

It’s very hard living on the east coast.
The sun rises, but it isn’t as bright.
I want California to be my host
during the walks along the beach at night.

I never knew that I could fall in love.
I fell so hard and it happened so fast.
The Californian sun should be my glove.
I wish that this deep love would only last.

This road is kind and full of winding curves.
The sun is in front of me as I drive.
My heart starts to beat faster full of nerves.
This adrenaline makes me feel alive.

I’m almost underneath the west coast sun.
San Diego is longing to have fun.

Time Machine

There’s that one phase
in everyone’s life
Where all you want to do
is go back in time.

The time you wasted with old friends
sitting around on balmy, idle weekdays
laughing in crowded cars on back roads
filled with adolescent glory.

You never wanted to leave the front porches
where you sat for endless hours
ignoring the realities before you
washing them over with foolish dreams.

You took the pictures to remind you
when you were the coolest kids.
Where you owned the streets and stayed awake
through summer like you owned the heat.

There were moments where you had mental highs
like the freefall on a rollercoaster;
those moments where you detached from reality
and screamed, “I’m fucking alive”.

Enjoy Your Youth

Oh, what it feels like to lay underneath
The balmy sun with tan toes in the brown
Sand singing songs about adolescent
Glory while living the good life with
Close friends you knew since the first grade. Where you
Ate glue and played on the monkey bars. Where
You would fall and go home with black, bruised knees.
Now you stay out late doing nothing at
All but still have the best times of your life.
The sun fades behind the calm, blue water,
Your skins becomes red and sore and you take
The pictures to remind yourselves when you
Lived in absolute bliss and ruled the world.
You pack the car and drive away from love.


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