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The most recent text we read in Writing of Fiction (EL236), Don't Make Me Think! by Steve Krug, seemed very similar to the previous text we read, Writing for the Web 3.0 by Crawford Kilian.

Krug explained to me that in a website, we need to eliminate the possibilites of questions, realize that the homepage is "waterfront property", usability testing is absolutely necessary in order to have a great site, and don't ask for unnecessary personal information from your users. Krug's book talked a lot about interaction and in our class we were able to use this knowledge and actually see it in action by creating our own usability tests and websites. As a user of the internet, I learned through this text about all aspects of the web like creating sites, usability testing and the do's and dont's of the internet. For the book being published 8 years ago, the ideas and tips are standard and universal as well as extremely helpful with Krug's short sentences, examples, and graphics.

This third portfolio displays my work and thoughts throughout these past couple weeks of the class. We learned about hypertext readings, interactive fiction games, learned about usability testing from Krug and we were able to create inform 7 games in groups and individually.

Coverage: Entries that include a direct quote from the assigned reading, that identify the source of the quote, and that links back to the course web page devoted to that reading.

My hatred of IF games

Krug, Introduction to Chapter 3

Krug and there's no place like home

Krug's Waterfront Property

My experience with the IF game Slouching Towards Bedlam

Usability testing with Krug

Wikipedia, an academic resource?

My contributions to Wikipedia

Timeliness: Entries that were posted on time (24 hours before class).

Wikipedia Edits

Wikipedia Articles (Softball, SHU and  SVC)

The policies and pillars of Wikipedia

Moral responsibility and Wiki?

Krug, Introduction to Chapter 3

I'm allowed to lie on the web

Interaction: Entries that demonstrate my ability to interact with peers.

IF games, Jackie and I

Getting our feet wet. Comment on Jackie's blog.

Wikipedia Comparisons with Shellie

Depth: Links to an entry on my blog that shows my ability to write in depth.

No place like home

Wikipedia Edits

I don't want to have questions

IF games and my true feelings

Discussion: Links to a page on a classmate's blog where I left a significant comment that was part of a fruitful discussion.

My interactive fiction blog received some love.

Anne and Krug's Last Stand


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