Where does the blame go?

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There's no Wikipedia entry for 'moral responsibility'

By Andrew Orlowski

"So we come to the question of responsibility. We've promised to deal with the ethics of Wikipedia before, and it's no longer possible to ignore the elephant in the room, so we must."

Wikipedia is a phenomenal source of pop culture trivia it seems like with the amount of "trolls" lurking among the articles and biographies. "The blame goes here, the blame goes there- the blame goes anywhere, except Wikipedia itself."

I'm not trying to side with Wiki, but the blame should go to the ignorant people in the world who have nothing else to do with their lives but destroy others. Maybe instead of destroying other peoples lives, you should build your own damn life.

Okay, sorry. I got a little heated. Yes, Wikipedia should be constantly monitoring and editing pages, but they shouldn't have to worry about rude idiots editing and contributing to articles. Maybe I'm being a little too optimistic about the citizens of the world.

I feel Wikipedia has been responsible so far and able to catch some false information, but Wiki relies on the word of the world and it seems as if they trust the people of the world way too much.



Alex Hull said:

While you take VERY strong viewpoints within this article, I certainly like your point. Most of the time, it is not Wikipedia's fault. Wikipedia really is a community of... everyone. So everyone has access and anyone can mess it up. It becomes the fault of the perpetrator, not Wikipedia itself. Wikipedia should not be bogged down with attempting to fix all the mistakes that foolish or rude people leave.

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