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My first contributions to Wikipedia have finally happened. I decided to edit my high school alumni, Pennsbury High School and the town of Ercolano.

On the Pennsbury page, I added a little section about the softball team. I was apart of the 2005 PIAA AAAA State Championship team. This athletic program has won more state titles than any other sport at the school. I then added more information about the district area. I added very detailed information. Within an hour, Alphageekpa, another contributor to this Wikipedia entry deleted my contribution:

Pennsbury is located in the southeastern corner of Pennsylvania, along the great bend of the Delaware River, lies Bucks County. In the extreme southeastern corner of Bucks County lie the four political subdivisions whose jointure for school purposes led to the formation of the Pennsbury School District. Yardley Borough is a typical small Bucks County municipality that has retained much of its early American charm and beauty. Lower Makefield Township is a predominately suburban residential area. The site of the major early expansion in the district was Falls Township. The Keystone Industrial Port Complex, all of the homes in Fairless Hills, and some of the homes in Levittown are in this township. The last of the four sections that make up the district is Tullytown Borough. This small borough was part of the Penn Manor Tract in the early 1700's.

I thought that this information was helpful to those about what boroughs and townships attend this high school; however, Alphageekpa didn't delete my information about softball. (I put this information back up on the page just to see if Alphageekpa would undo it again.)

My second Wikipedia edit was on my family's hometown in Italy, Ercolano. On this page, I added more geographical information about the town that my father and aunt helped me with.

It lies at the western foot of Mount Vesuvius, on the Gulf of Naples, just southeast of the city of Naples. The medieval town of Resina was built on the lava stream left by the eruption of Vesuvius (ad 79) that destroyed the ancient city of Herculaneum, from which the present name is derived. Ercolano is a resort and the starting point for excursions to the excavations of Herculaneum and for the ascent of Vesuvius by bus. The town also manufactures leather goods, buttons, glass, and the wine known as Lacrima Christi (Tears of Christ).

So far, no one has decided to undo my contribution. If someone decides that what I added isn't important or relevant and deletes it, I will let you know. 

I think professors and high school teachers shouldn't try avoiding Wikipedia. If anything doing an activity like this will prove to the students and their teachers how easy it is to change and edit information on Wikipedia. An activitiy like this will help emphasize the difference between what is a reliable source and what is an unreliable source. I am not saying that Wikipedia is completey unreliable, I am just saying that it is easy to change the information given. 

One of my previous articles about Wikipedia really emphasizes my feelings and views of this encyclopeida.



Daniella Choynowski said:

have you ever been to Lerichi, Volgeno, Forte de Marmi, or Peideresanta? I used to live in these towns.

Completing this exercise has sort of given me a faith in wikipedia. People really do care about information accuracy. I spend my life doing what I feel are more important things than editing wiki articles, but some people feel the same way about wiki accuracy as I do theater. So more power to them, because they are making a difference in society. Wikipedia is used by thousands of millions, so making life easier for others is something worthwhile.

That said, I guess some wikipedians feel that editing is their domain. I really don't understand why one of my additions was removed, considering it was accurate. Maybe "Bill" felt the article didn't need anymore additions

Kevin Hinton said:

I'm interested on the fact that you are using Wikipedia to further tell your family's history. I think that Wikipedia is in a way a source of peer review. Even though they most likely are not experts, some editors have an interest. I think that this is a good practice to start in the world of academic and professional research. However, going outside of that realm is taking a huge gamble.

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