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Let me start off by saying that this is my last blogging portfolio of my college career. :(

This class has been incredibly helpful not only with my writing and communication skills, but with my technological skills as well. As I begin looking in the job market, I have noticed that there are many jobs in the writing field for technical writers that have experience with creating and rebuilding websites. This class has taught me many skills that would not only help me with technical writing, but with Public Relations writing as well.

I think that now I'm going into my last semester of college, I really take in what I have learned from my classes and reflect on them so I can see what I can take away and bring into the professional world.

The one skill I will walk away with from this class the most will be HTML. Not only was this fun because I was able to create my own site and appreciate and understand formats of websites, but this skill will help me get a job over someone who has no knowledge about HTML or websites.

Even though I disliked Interactive Fiction, this portion of the class was eye opening. IN PR, you are to write for the client and not for yourself. This is an example of that. With IF, you are to create an effective game. You need to predict what the player will do within your game, you want to make sure that you satisfy them by not giving them an incredibly easy game, but having a game that they will understand to the fullest without any lingering questions. With IF games comes usability testing. Like I stated earlier, you need to create an effective game and in order to make sure that the game is understandable, you need to incorporate usability testing.

Usability testing is where I learned a lot about HTML and writing for the internet. I was able to test users to see what was difficult to find on my site, what was confusing about my IF game, what they didn't like about only the layout of the overall site, but the colors, the fonts, and the way the text was organized. This skill will be used by me in the future. While writing a press release or anything, I want someone who knows nothing about the topic to read my writing and see what they didn't understand so that way I could build upon that and make it clearer. The basic idea of usability testing is to try to satisfy as many readers and users as possible.

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EL236 Portfolio 4


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