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Lotsa Fiddly Stupid Stuff

MT4 is working...

Every so often I get a cheerful message that informs me that it's Time to Upgrade!, which suggests the conversion from the 3.x database to the 4.0 database is not complete. (An MT tech support person asked me to put some extra code in to an MT subroutine so that the software engineers can track the problem.)

The syntax and functionality of the MTQuickPost link has changed, so the one-click "Fill out an entry on your blog that includes a link to this entry and a link pointing from here to your blog" thing that has worked so well in the last year and a half is broken. I can't get auto-discovery to work reliably, so I may have to teach students to use the trackback URL. That will be a pain, but I"m not sure it can be helped at this point.


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