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Trackback Testing (again)

While I don't plan to have my students blog in my Basic Composition class, that course blog is set up like all my other course blogs. I have the entry archives set to basename/index.php, so that I can refer to the individual entries as simply basename.

Thus, these two links go to the same page, on a blog that's configured to publish ham trackbacks immediately.


I'll create another blog entry with links to two different entries, and we'll see which one successfully generates a trackback.

But only the "index.php" link generates a trackback. This is a problem, because it seems that when an archive includes index.php in the filename, that filename is not created by the MTEntryPermalink tag. Thus, none of the permalinks on this site seem to work when trackback autodiscovery is set on my other blogs.

The workaround is simply not to use the basename/index.php filename pattern. Maybe there is something I can do on my server...

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