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September 13, 2007

Testing Trackback

Let's test the trackback function.

September 10, 2007

Trackback Testing (part 4)

Same two links, but the index.php filename is specified. http://jerz.setonhill.edu/teaching/LA100/2007/09/raimes_34_sentence_variety/index.php http://jerz.setonhill.edu/teaching/LA100/2007/09/raimes_33_choose_words/index.php

Trackback Testing (part 3)

This entry has only links to pages with implied filenames, so I don't expect any trackbacks to be generated.



Trackback Testing (part 2)

Here are two links, one formatted with an explicit filename of index.php, the other using the form of the file generated by that blog's MTEntryPermalink tag (with an implied filename, which turns out to be index.php).

Only the link with an explicit filename will generate the trackback. That doesn't seem right.



September 9, 2007

Trackback Testing (again)

While I don't plan to have my students blog in my Basic Composition class, that course blog is set up like all my other course blogs. I have the entry archives set to basename/index.php, so that I can refer to the individual entries as simply basename.

Thus, these two links go to the same page, on a blog that's configured to publish ham trackbacks immediately.


I'll create another blog entry with links to two different entries, and we'll see which one successfully generates a trackback.

But only the "index.php" link generates a trackback. This is a problem, because it seems that when an archive includes index.php in the filename, that filename is not created by the MTEntryPermalink tag. Thus, none of the permalinks on this site seem to work when trackback autodiscovery is set on my other blogs.

The workaround is simply not to use the basename/index.php filename pattern. Maybe there is something I can do on my server...

Lotsa Fiddly Stupid Stuff

MT4 is working...

Every so often I get a cheerful message that informs me that it's Time to Upgrade!, which suggests the conversion from the 3.x database to the 4.0 database is not complete. (An MT tech support person asked me to put some extra code in to an MT subroutine so that the software engineers can track the problem.)

The syntax and functionality of the MTQuickPost link has changed, so the one-click "Fill out an entry on your blog that includes a link to this entry and a link pointing from here to your blog" thing that has worked so well in the last year and a half is broken. I can't get auto-discovery to work reliably, so I may have to teach students to use the trackback URL. That will be a pain, but I"m not sure it can be helped at this point.