Intro to Literary Study (2005)

25 Apr 2005
Ex 2-5: Peer Review (in class)

Rescheduled from Friday.

Review three peer term papers in class today, and write a paragraph or two on each. E-mail each review to me separately, with the following subject line: "150 PeerLastName reviewed by YourLastName." (About 200 words per review.)

For each peer paper, supply the following information.

1) Peer's Name
2) Title
3) Thesis
4) Conclusion
5) To what extent do the title, thesis, and conclusion match? Explain.
6) To what extent does the paper use evidence to support a non-obvious claim on an issue that arises from one or more of the assigned readings? Explain.
7) What alternative options or opposing arguments are introduced in this paper?
8) What evidence is introduced to support those alternative or opposing views?
9) Does the paper feature any of the following:

  • an idea introduced by "clearly", "obviously," or "I think/feel/believe"?
  • - an unsupported reference to what "some people" or "many people" say?
  • an unsupported reference to a process ("topic X is becoming more and more important") or comparision ("X is the most important issue")
  • a quotation introduced with the following pattern: "In [name of source] by [name of author], it says: [long excerpt] This quote means [summarize and explain excerpt]. (See "Integrating Good Sources")
  • any reference to "this quote" or "another quote"
  • summary or excessive character analysis
  • outside sources summarized in serial paragraphs -- one paragraph on the first source, followed by one paragraph on the second source, and so on.
  • 10) Offer an informal, helpful response. What has your peer's paper accomplished? What would you do next if this were your paper?

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