Intro to Literary Study (2005)

2 May 2005
Portfolio Workshop

As before, post a single blog entry that contains annotated links to the entries you want to include. Remember to annotate (that is, write a brief evaluative statement about) each link. You can either post the links as part of a list, or part of a narrative paragraph -- or haiku, maybe ;) .

I've asked for specific blog entries, on topics such as The Color of Water and the ending of Death of a Salesman. But for the most part, you get to pick and choose (though remember that "coverage" of the required texts is part of the portfolio requirement).

One additional item to include in your portfolio: post a brief reflection on either of the activities we did in class (the peer-review activity, or the discussion).

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Peer Activity
Excerpt: I thought the peer activity was a great excerise. It was very effective with picking out your typos and mistakes. Having someone else reading your paper if really good idea. I was able to pick out a couple of typos...
Weblog: The Mind Of A Young Woman
Tracked: May 4, 2005 06:07 PM
Blog Portfolio 2
Excerpt: This is the second installment of my Blog Portfolio for 2005. For those of you that did not follow my Blog the first time around I will give you a brief exposition about me and my Movable Type cause. My...
Weblog: Roamer's Zone
Tracked: May 5, 2005 10:13 PM
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