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18 Apr 2005
Hayles, ''Is Utopia Obsolete?''

Hayles, N. Catherine. "Is Utopia Obsolete?" Peace Review 14.2 (2002): 7p. Academic Search Elite EBSCOhost. Seton Hill U. Reeves Lib. 20 Jan 2005. <>.

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Is Utopia Obsolete?
Excerpt: First I would like to say that I liked reading this article. Is technology handling them or our they handling technology? It seems as technology is ruling lives. They were able to create all types of technoloy, but it most...
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The End of the Diamond Age
Excerpt: Well, I did it. I finally finished The Diamond Age. Took me awhile but I'm proud to say I've done it. Sadly, I'm no better off than when I started. I still donít think I completely understand the story. So...
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"Sing for Absolution": Muse and "The Small Print" in The Diamond Age
Excerpt: I couldn't help but think momentarily of one of my favorite bands, Muse, while reading N. Katherine Hayles academic article about Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age. The article, Is Utopia Obsolete?, asks a question that seems to strike at the...
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Your Utopia Is Obsolete
Excerpt: N. Katherine Hayles article, "Is Utopia Obsolete?" got me thinking: Hayles says that, "nano-technology provides material abundance virtually without cost" and I started thinking about how just about any school kid these days knows that nothing is ever ...
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Is Utopia Obsolete?
Excerpt: Is Uptopia Obsolete? By: Katherine Hayles...
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