Intro to Literary Study (2005)

6 Apr 2005
Jerz, Technology in American Drama (selection)


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Excerpt: Technology obviously plays a huge part in our lives. The tv on in the background, light above my head, and this computer all contribute to our lives, even if we donít initially realize it. Technology also contributes to a play,...
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Soul and Society in the Age of the Machine
Excerpt: I enjoyed reading Soul and Society. Well I was interested in reading more about Death of a Salesman. There were some things mentioned in the text that I didn't even think about. The refrigerator incident. Willy's refrigerator was a piece...
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Death of a Consumer
Excerpt: It was interesting to read about the evolution of technology as it relates to Arthur Miller's play "Death of a Salesman." This week for Intro to Lit we read an excerpt from Dr. Jerz's book "Technology in American Drama, 1920-1950."...
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Technology in American Drama, 1920-1950: Machinery in Death of a Salesman
Excerpt: Dr. Dennis G. Jerz' text, Technology in American Drama, 1920-1950: Soul and Society in the Age of the Machine provides some interesting background information on the play and other works of drama or literature which puts them all in a...
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