August 28, 2006

Journalism Lab Reports

How, specifically, did you contribute to the production of the latest print issue of the Setonian, and/or assisted in the timely development of the Setonian Online? Write a third-person news article on your achievements. The primary audience for this article will be your instructor, but understand that exerpts from your work may be discussed in class.

Writing an article or taking a picture certainly contribute to the content of the paper, but this lab report should focus on the work you did that asssisted the production of the paper. Did you edit someone else's story? Type in headlines? Resize an advertiser's graphic? Train someone else to use the production software? Sell an ad?

If you wrote an article or took photos, I'll already have seen them, so they'll be old news. I want instead to read about the contributions I don't already know about.

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