Jerz: Writing for the Internet (EL236)

20 Oct 2004

Individual Project Workshop 2

1) Form five groups: one interactive fiction group, two technical writing groups, and two creative writing groups.

2) Within the larger groups, pair or triple up.

3) I have already asked you to come up with a number of sources (web pages or games) that illustrate the kinds of things they want to accomplish with their own individual project. By now I hope you have already spent some time investigating those sources.

4) In class, each small group should look at two or three sources, and spend about a twenty minutes coming up with a list of about five "Questions and/or Challenges". (Each group should write down the points on a page with their names.)

5) After about 20 minutes have passed, pairs/trios should swap lists of questions/challenges within their larger groups. Spend the next 20 minutes drafting a "Solutions" document. (The solutions don't have to be complete, but if the group really is stumped, make some decisions about how best to use the resources available to you in order to get yourselves over that obstacle. Please take this assignment seriously, since I'll use it to determine how to spend class time teaching you what you feel you need to know.)

6) In the last 10 minutes, a spokesperson from each group should share with the whole class the main points that arose during the workshop.

7) Each group submits their "Questions/Challenges" and "Solutions Draft" documents. (Group members should sign the pages). [Today's in-class activity would make an excellent blogging topic.]

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