Jerz: Writing for the Internet (EL236)

8 September 2004

Introduction to Weblogs II (Panel 1-B)

1. Personalizing Your MovableType Blog (Valerie Masciarelli)
2. Pundit Blogs & Edu-blogs (Chris Ulnice)
3. Hoaxes and Fictions
4. Videoblogs and Audioblogs
5. Informal Tour of SHU Blogging (Stephanie Robb)

Due: Ex 1-3 (Weblog Reviews)

  1. Find two weblogs on subjects that interest you. At least one of them should permit users to post comments.
  2. Using your chosen blogs as examples, reflect on something specific that you learned in Pane1 1-A. How do they differ from each other?
  3. Read some of the comments on your chosen blog. Post a comment to at least one blog entry.
  4. Examine the blogroll of one of your chosen blogs. Click on the links, and glance at the blogrolls of those weblogs, too. Write a brief reflection.
E-mail all URLs to me, with the subject line "YourLastName Ex 1-3".

Update: As usual, print out the exercise and hand it to me.

Suggested Blog Entry: Review one or both of your chosen blogs, drawing from what you learned in Pane1 1-A. Be sure to provide links, so your readers can see your sources for themselves. (Here's a review of my own blog. No, I don't expect your blog to be as active as mine... though I hope at least some of you get excited about blogging.)