Jerz: Writing for the Internet (EL236)

10 September 2004

The History of the World Wide Web (Panel 1-C)

1. The Web and 9/11/2001
2. The Web Browser Wars
3. Dot-Com Boom and Bust (Jerz)
4. Hypertext before the WWW (Jerz)

History of Hypertext

An ungraded, in-class activity.
What year did each of the following take place?

  • first e-mail message sent

  • CD (compact disc)

  • IBM founded

  • first computer with a disk drive

  • First commercial computer game

  • internet created

  • Microsoft Windows

  • working compute hypertext system demonstrated

  • Apple Computer Co. founded

  • word "hypertext" coined

  • first computer sold with a keyboard and monitor

  • First graphical web browser created

  • mouse (pointing device)

  • HyperCard (hypertext system for home computers)

  • World Wide Web created

(Turn in a page with a list of your best estimates... please pick a specific year, even if you have to guess.)
On a separate page:

Define: hypertext

Define: World Wide Web

Define: The Internet

Describe your first experience using a word processor.

Describe your first experience viewing a web page.

(I will update this page with a summary of your answers.)