Jerz: Writing for the Internet (EL236)

4 October 2004

Topics in Cyberfiction (Panel 1-G)

1. Chatbots and/or MUDs/MOOs (Ashley Thornton)
2. Star Trek’s “Holodeck” as a Story Vehicle
3. Story-driven Videogames (Rachel Kaylor)
4. Hypertext Fiction (Victoria Mara)

Update: I have e-mailed tips to the students who have already signed up. Thanks! --DGJ

Rescheduled: Introduction to IF-Comp 2004

The 10th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition

For the last ten years, the readers of the Usenet newsgroup have held a yearly interactive fiction competition. For fans of the old Infocom games as well as for newcomers to the genre, the competition is a chance to enjoy some of the best short adventure games available anywhere.

We will soon have an exercise on programming IF. If you enjoyed the games we played the other day, and you'd like more IF, you might consider writng an IF game for your individual project.

If you aren't keen on programming, you could be a judge in the IF competition, and posting a website with game reviews. To be a judge, all you do is download the (free) games, and play at least five of them, for no more than two hours each. At the end of two hours, you give them a score (1-10). You can keep playing the game if you like, but if you do, you can't change the score. If you've played at least five games, you can be a judge.

A term project would involve creating a website with your reviews of the games you voted on (but the contest rules say judges shouldn't publish their reviews before Nov 15, so as not to influence the voting). The website should include at least reviews of the games you wrote, with links to solutions, other reviews, author's home pages, your own original interviews with the authors, etc.