Jerz: Writing for the Internet (EL236)

8 October 2004

Postponed: Discussion of Blood (The Weblog Handbook) 2

Read and disuss chapters 5-7.


  1. Examine metablogging communities such as Technorati, TruthLaidBear, and BlogShares. Type in the URLs of blogs that you like, and see what you find.
  2. Either 1) add your blog to these services or 2) if you prefer not to publicize your work in that manner, write a short paragraph on internet privacy concerns.

This blog page is under construction...

Group Project Workshop 1a

Since Hot Text hadn't arrived when we did Group Project Workshop 1, I've had to rearrange.

Class will not meet (I'll be at a conference), but you should use the time to plan for the first issue of the newsletter, which is coming up fast. You are welcome to work as a group, but you should each provide your own original article draft and reflection paper for Newsletter Writing Workshop 1 (11 Oct). (As always, you are welcome to blog your work, but bring a printout to class.)

Due: Ex 1-7