Jerz: Writing for the Internet (EL236)

13 October 2004

Group Presentations 1

Due: Issue 1

To submit your newsletter issue, one member of your group should e-mail it to the whole class.

(Hit "reply all" to the e-mail I sent out to the address you entered into JWeb.)

Remember that this is an e-mail newsletter, so I will evaluate it mostly based on what actually ends up in my in box. (If your e-newsletter links to longer versions of articles online, that's fine, too.)

If you have already begun to collect a list of subscribers, e-mail it to them too -- but put their addresses in the "bcc" field, not the "cc" field of your e-mail reader. (Make it easy for your readers to respond to you with suggestions.)

If you have already decided where and how to archive the back issues of your newsletter, great. If not, that should be something you work on between now and your next newsletter issue.