Jerz: Writing for the Internet (EL236)

5 November 2004

Into the Blogosphere 1 (Panel 2-B)

All the "Into the Blogosphere" panels will ask students to summarize the main points contained in one of the essays in the "Into the Blogosphere" collection, and compare/contrast/apply that essay to another assigned reading that the whole class has been assigned to read. For Into the Blogosphere 1, the assigned reading can be either "Blogging as Social Action" or "Phantom authority...".

For your presentation, quote specific passages from the assigned readings and the additional essay that you are summarizing. Focus on two or three main points that you think will lead to a productive class discussion.

Presenters in this panel should choose one of the following:

  1. Geography of the Blogosphere: Representing the Culture, Ecology and Community of Weblogs
  2. Visual Blogs
  3. Imagining the Blogosphere