Jerz: Writing for the Internet (EL236)

Portfolios (30%)

A carefully-prepared collection of selected coursework (TBA). Prepare a cover letter that reflects on your accomplishments.

Researched Presentations (15%)

An oral presentation, based on a hypertext document, that carefully cites online sources (by linking to them). The hypertext document should follow the conventions of good online writing, and make sense on its own to anyone who finds it on the Internet. This assignment does not ask you to read, word-for-word, from a traditional college essay (a genre that was developed for the printed page). Your presentation grade includes a follow-up report, in which you react to specific feedback offered during the discussion of your work (both in-class and online).

Personal Project (15%)

A term project that involves the production, testing, and revision of a significant amount of electronic text, over and above that which was required for other assignments.

Examples might be a fan website devoted to a local musical group, an informational website for a client outside Seton Hill University, or a creative work (hyperfiction, hyperpoetry, or interactive fiction) that demonstrates your ability to use electronic text.

Components of this assignment are a proposal (2%), a progress report (3%), and a final presentation (10%).

Group Project (25%)

A team of about 4 students produces a three issues of a monthly newsletter.

Components of this assignment are the proposal (3%), October, November, and December issues (at 6% each), and a final reflection (4%).

Participation and Attendance

See sections 5.1. and 5.2. of the online syllabus.

Final Exam (15%)

The exam (in A405, from 10:30-12:30) is your opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned about researching and writing online, using hyperlinks effectively, troubleshooting common Web page errors, and important current issues in cyberspace.


Open-book, open-notes, and open-Web -- but no collaboration is permitted.

You will publish your final exam on your website. (If that site is down for some reason, I will announce an alternate plan during the exam.)