Jerz: Writing for the Internet (EL 236)

RRRR (Read, React, Respond, Reflect)

A four-step process that helps you prepare for a productive class discussion using the SHU weblog system.

We will start out slowly at first, only completing a part of the RRRR process, so that the whole class has the chance to adjust to it. Once we start the full process, for each item or group of items marked as "Text" on the course outline, Read the assignment, react by posting an "agenda item" about 24 hours before the class discussion (see glossary), respond to 2-4 items posted by your peers, and reflect on the experience in a half-page essay (100-200 words; you may wish to print it out so you can refer to it when called on).

The process of reading, reacting, responding, and reflecting is part of all critical thinking and writing. In our online community, we will practice, in an informal manner, the intellectual activity that goes into the production of a college-level research paper.

While your agenda items and lengthier reflections should be a little more formal, when you leave comments, don't worry too much about typos or grammatical mistakes. Feel free to use :) and LOL if you like.

As the semester progresses, and we cover such areas as the effective use of hyperlinks and how to write useful titles, you should start integrating those skills into your routine course blogging. But for starters, don't worry too much about the form. I'm more intersted in deepening the discussion.

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Agenda Item

A short homework assignment, comprising a brief quotation from the assigned text,, a non-obvious question or observation, and a contribution to the class discussion (if called on).

The agenda item is part of "React," the second "R" in the RRRR sequence.

For each assigned reading that gets its own page in the course syllabus, post an agenda item about 24 hours before the reading is scheduled to be discussed. Your goal is to demonstrate that you are thinking about the assigned readings in advance, so that you have time to complete the readings, and you can arrive in the classroom ready to respond to what your peers are thinking about it.

(For readings that are due Monday morning, I recognize that most of you will be doing your homework Sunday night. For readings that are due Monday morning, post your agenda item by 6pm Sunday, so it will be there when your peers start really hitting the books later in the evening. You are of course welcome to post it much earlier, if you like.)

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Tutorial 1-1: Creating a Text File in WordPad

I think everyone in this class is already beyond this stage, but I wanted to start from the very beginning, so I could record the whole process.

View Tutorial 1-1: Ceating a Text File in WordPad

(Tutorial 1-2 shows you how to turn it into a simple HTML file, and how to edit it.)

More tutorials are on the way, in response to concerns several students have expressed about the handouts I've already created. Please let me know what you think. It's not actually all that difficult to make these tutorials -- it's something I could do while listening to the latest Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time podcast, but it is time-consuming. I'll try to get more up as soon as I can.

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