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Interactive Fiction Writers Wanted (Eventually)

Someone I've never met, but whom I've known virtually through the interactive fiction community for many years, is floating ideas for starting a company that produces short works of interactive fiction for the middle-school educational market. Although he's not ready to start hiring yet, I'm blogging this because I think this is a company to watch.

Google Groups : Westfield Chandler Publishing I don't plan to generally ask the IF community for help here. In all of my conversations with the community I have been led to believe that no one is interested in writing short games in a corporate setting. A few people have expressed interest and I will pursue working with them.

So to fill in the gaps I plan to seek writing talent outside of the
community and guide them on what deliverables I seek. I feel strongly
that over time I can find talented writers willing to sign
work-for-hire contracts for short works of fiction. I can develop a
pool of writers large enough to keep content flowing.

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Helping People Online

This isn't an assigned article, so you needn't blog about it, but I didn't have time in class today to do justice to a good question about how it might be possible to use the internet to help people online. My quick response was that most social work programs seem to be regionally based, and since it's hard to identify the location of people who use the internet, there would be no way to ensure that the help you were offering was helping people in your community. But here's an article about how universities are starting to reach out to their own students through online resources.

Jobs, News and Views for All of Higher Education - Inside Higher Ed :: Using the Web to Prevent Suicide

As questions of institutional liability after student suicide have received much more attention in recent years, many health officials have called for improved suicide prevention strategies. But carrying out such efforts is not the easiest of tasks when no one knows for sure what will push one student instead of another to want to take his or her own life.

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Random House uses interactive fiction to advertise books....


Online Adventure is unlike most modern games. While it is interactive, what drives it is your imagination. Much like reading a novel and imagining the action and characters with your own personal vision, you'll enter the world of this game with your mind's eye, illustrating the scenes as you would like to see them. We have created the game in this way to give you closest experience possible to actually walking inside the world of the book.

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Fall Break

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Setonain Seeking Online Linker

One of the Setonian editors sent me this message recently:

At the editorial meeting today we were discussing having someone on the staff that would create and place links in the online edition of the paper for Evan. Can you reccomend anyone from your EL 236: Writing for the Internet class that we might be able to contact?
The Setonian does have work-study hours available. Certainly if you are also in EL200 right now, this would be a good way to get your Media Lab hours in.

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