Video Gaming (EL 250)

30 Nov 2005

Participation (300 points)

Each day that the class meets represents 2 hours of classroom instruction. If this were a face-to-face class, we would spend the vast majority of that time discussing the readings or workshopping each other's submissions. I'm a firm believer in the value of peer-to-peer interaction. Since this class doesn't meet face-to-face, the blogs will be our classroom. I won't have time to respond directly to every comment you make on the course blog or on a peer weblog, so I am setting up a system to encourage you to read and comment on your peers' online work.

The portfolio assignments asks you to compile your contributions to the most productive online conversations, as well as selected thoughtful expansions of contributions that you made earlier. The portfolios are your opportunity to demonstrate your developing understanding of key concepts and issues that we have been discussing.
The participation portfolios are your chance to call to my attention the online contributions that you feel are the most valuable. The most important component of the portfolio is your reflection on your online participation. I'll post more details about the portfolios after everyone has had some time to get comfortable in the online environment. If you keep up with your online postings, the portfolio assignment will be easy.
1. Portfolio 1 (100)
2. Portfolio 2 (100)
3. Online Presentation (40; advance work on the Term Paper)
4. Telephone Conference w/Instructor (40; detailed conversation about your progress on the Term Paper)
5. Portfolio 3 (20)
6. Burn or Bonus (150, at instructor's discretion)

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