Video Gaming (EL 250)

2 Jan 2006

Getting Started

As of 4pm January 2, I'm pleased by the progress that Leslie, Stephan, Evan and Kayla have already begun. Good job!

Each day that a J-Term class meets is worth the equivalent of more than a week of classes during the regular term. We've got a lot of ground to cover, so here's a road map of sorts -- a checklist, to help you stay focused.

Click on the Jauary 2, 2006 course page and read through all the items in order.

  • Welcome to "Video Gaming" (no homework, just read it.)
  • Blog Activity (no homework; a list of what your peers are blogging; for future reference)
  • Course Overview (no homework, just read it.)
  • Definitions and Key Concepts (no homework, FYI)
  • Introduction to Weblogs (just FYI; full instructions will be available when required)
  • History of Video Games (several links for you to browse or consult when necessary)
  • J-Web: Orientation and Reflection (a bank of short-answer questions, due by 9:AM Tuesday.
  • Gamer Culture in Movies (post a comment on the course webe page for any two of the movies on this short list. Participate in the online discussion by interacting with your peers and with me.)
  • Red vs. Blue (watch this short online video, and post a brief response.)
  • My Trip to Liberty city (watch this short online video, and post a brief response.)
  • Strong Bad on Video Games (watch this short Flash animation, sample each of the four included games, and post brief comments as directed.)
  • Initial Reactions (just a place where I'll be sure to look for course-related questions and comments)

I won't always post a list in such detail, but additional work due for tomorrow is:

  • Ex 1a (rough draft of a game review; due on J-Web by 9am)
  • Read and post a brief response to "A Rape in Cyberspace"
  • Read and post a brief response to "New Games Journalism"
  • Read and/or listen to "Storytelling in Videogames" and post a brief response
  • Read the short articles on the "Interactive Fiction" page and sample the game "Adventure"
  • Watch the short film ">Interactive" and post a brief response
  • Complete the J-Web unit "Studying Video Games" (the due date I have in mind is 4pm on Jan 3, but in case you're backed up a little, the system won't actually lock you out until 9am on Jan 4)
  • Ex 1-b: Peer review of your game review. Due by 6pm Jan 3.
  • General Discussion. (I'll post discussion prompts based on issues that have come up so far. If you have participated in a good online discussion that you want to call to the attention of the class, mention it on this page.)
  • RRRR. (Just FYI... more details about how I plan to integrate your individual weblogs into the daily course activity.)
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