Video Gaming (EL 250)

3 Jan 2006

And They're Off... Discussion Effort and Virtual Freedom

We've had some good, meaty blog entries already. Before I get into them, and before I link to the discussion questions for today's update -- I've marked your first J-Web workbook and also returned feedback on the drafts of your game review. I won't get Ex 1b (your peer reviews) until later tonight, so I'm extending the deadline by a few hours.

I'd like to thank Stephen Puff for catching, and taking time to explain, problems he's encountered with the online work. I'll continue to do my best to help keep the technology under control.

Stephen and Evan both posted thoughtful responses to Tron, and Sunday, before class started, Leslie demonstrated that she got far more out of Spy Kids 3-D than I expected to find there! Good job, everyone.

Neither Kayla nor Leslie is too thrilled by text-adventure games, but thankfully Leslie is helping Kayla make sense of the genre.

In a comment, Gina examined morals and social norms confronted by Jim Munroe's "My Trip to Liberty City." (If you liked that, and you like the idea of seeing watermelons do interesting things in combat, try Yoga Deathmatch, also by Jim Munroe.)

I've posted two discussion prompts. If you're already involved in a discussion on this topic, then please help the rest of us extend the discussion.

Please respond to each topic briefly (two or three sentences is fine), and choose one or the other to respond to at greater length via an original entry on your own weblog (a paragraph or two is fine). In addition, please leave 2-4 comments on peer blogs. (If there are lurkers who would like help with blogging, please let me know ASAP.)

Here are today's topics: one on Effort in "Adventure", and the other on Rights and Freedoms in Virtual Worlds.

(Note: When your portfolio is due at the end of the week, I will ask you to quote from and link to your best contributions to each of the class discussion topics. I'd like you to respond with SOMETHING before 4pm tomorrow, when the next discussion questions will come out. Of course, you're welcome to work on this at your leisure.

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