Video Gaming (EL 250)

3 Jan 2006

Preview of Jan 4's Class

In addition to the peer review of Ex 1, which I've extended to 10pm tonight, tomorrow you have the following work due:

  • Koster, A Theory of Fun (Foreward to Chapter 4) (Read, React, Respond... but you don't need a 200-word reflection for every separate assigned text.)
  • J-Web: A Theory of Fun 1 (Obviously the multiple choice questions are designed to get you to look closely at the readings, but you should think of the essay prompts as discussion questions, not right-or-wrong quiz questions.)
    Update: If your Koster book hasn't arrived yet, then read the short articles by Aarseth, Hayward and Wong. I don't yet have a J-Web unit for those works, but I'll try to get something up. I do think that Koster is a better introduction to the subject, but we'll work with what we've got.

  • Game Review (Final) Upload your revised game review. Since I delayed the due date for the reviews, I realize you might not get your reviews back from a peer until late Tuesday night, so I've extended this deadline slightly. It's due at 12:30pm Wednesday.
  • Replayability in Movies. If you picked one or two of the movies on the "Replayability" list, then leave a comment on the course website. You're also welcome to post on your own blog. (If you didn't choose any movies from this list, that's okay -- you're welcome to join in the discussion after others start it up.)
  • Koster and New Games Journalism -- this is a holding spot for where I'll post discussion questions based on what I learned after marking your J-Web assignments.

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