Video Gaming (EL 250)

6 Jan 2006

Daily Update

I'm continuing to enjoy the portfolios as they come together. Next week, I home we'll have more activity on your blogs, rather than here.

I thought Evan's answer to my question about photorealism in videogames was worth bringing to the attention of the class, so I blogged it as today's discussion prompt.

When you answer a discussion question via a posting on your own blog, please leave a link on the course page so that your peers can find and respond to what you wrote (and so I'll notice you completed that work on time).

There are two ways you can leave a link.

1. QuickPost

On every individual entry on the course website, right above the "Comments" section, you'll see the word "QuickPost." Clicking that will do two things. First, it will log you into your own blog and create a new entry there, one that includes a link to the page where you were when you clicked "QuickPost." (Remember to select your own blog and not New Media Journalism if you want the entry to appear on your own blog.) Second, a link on the EL250 page should appear, pointing back to the entry you created on your blog. This kind of a backwards-pointing links is called a "Trackback." For example, when Gina created her agenda item for Aarseth, the system generated a "trackback" that pointed from the course page to hers.

2. Leaving a Comment

Sometimes Quickpost does successfully let you create a new entry on your blog, but the command to create a link on the course blog doesn't work. If that's so, then just leave a comment inviting your peers to visit your work, as Kayla did when she posted her agenda item for Hayward.

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