Video Gaming (EL 250)

17 Jan 2006

Daily Update

I'm continuing to work through the assignments you have recently deposited to J-Web. It has been a pleasure watching your ideas develop so quickly.

Homework for tomorrow: Read and respond to Leslie's presentation on Lara Croft, and Evan's presentation on interactive fiction.

Note that adding a simple "Good job!" comment after you've scanned through their hard work is not really going to be all that helpful.

Since there is no other assigned reading for tomorrow, I ask that you collect your thoughts and post a detailed response on your own blog, and leave a comment directing readers to your in-depth response.

Engaging intellectually with your peers certainly includes disagreement (when backed up with evidence, such as a quotation from an assigned reading), but nobody wants to be bashed in public. If you found a typo or you think your peer made a careless mistake, e-mail your peer privately. If somebody from outside the class posts an uncivil comment, don't overreact.

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