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Weblog Workshop (posted 8 September 2004)" ?>

Today I will introduce you to your SHU weblog. Come to the regular classroom first; we will go to a computer lab. First you will watch me as I post something, then you will blog a few sample entries just so you can get the hang of it, and then we will start using our blogs to as part of a discussion of Poe and Melville.

Other than read the assigned literary works, you don't have to do any advance preparation.

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Stacy Tartar Esch has written a good set of discussion questions for Bartleby the Scrivner, at

A brief introduction to Poe, from the website for a textbook called "American Passages," notes Poe's talent for what we now call horror and detective fiction.

Today's "goth" culture is not exactly the same thing as the "Gothic" literature Poe was exploring, but there are certainly similarities.

And no classroom discussion of "The Raven" would be complete without a reference to "The Treehouse of Horror".

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