American Lit II (EL 267)

24 Jan 2006

5.3 Late Penalties

This term, I am experimenting with using J-Web to handle most assignment submissions and returns.

Due to strange quirks within J-Web, sometimes when you submit work, the system will record your work as "Inc" -- but that's simply because I haven't had the chance to check it yet. Other times, J-Web will record a 0% for your answers -- again that's because I haven't had the chance to evaluate it yet. This can be maddening, since your running total average will go down slightly (due to the 0%) until I have the chance to mark your assignments.

Please understand that I think of J-Web as a tool, not a judge. Nevertheless, just as students in generations past learned to carry spare quills, a pen knife, an extra inkhorn, and spare lamp wicks, there are certain common-sense strategies that will make your J-Web experiences less risky.

Sometimes J-Web will log you out in the middle of a session, and as a result you will lose work. This is annoying when you are working on multiple-choice questions, but can be seriously destructive if you've been crafting an essay that gets destroyed.

To avoid this problem, I suggest that when writing an essay for a J-Web question set, you should first download all the questions, draft your answers in your word processor, and upload your answers one after the other when you have finished writing them all.

Note: If you ever feel you want more rapid or more detailed feedback on an assignment, make an appointment with me during my office hours, and I will go over the work with you in detail, regardless of whether it was late or on time.

Getting Credit for Late Work
If your assignment does not get into J-Web by the deadline (usually an hour before class starts), I will record a zero for that assignment.

In order to remove that zero, and get partial credit for your late work, follow this two-step process.

  1. Upload a copy of your work into the J-Web slot I have reserved for late work. Include your name and the exercise name ("Smith Ex 7a" or "Smith Term Paper Draft").
  2. Send me an e-mail that tells me I should look in the late box for your work. Include a subject line with your last name, the course name, the assignment name, and the word "Late". Example:

    "Smith EL267 Ex 1-2 Late"
  3. (There's no need to make an extra trip to slip it under my office door. In fact, as penance for all the trees I've caused to be slain over the years, I'm seriously trying to reduce the number of pages that I handle this term. Unless the homework assignment specifically mentions a prinout, you should assume that I don't want a hard copy.)

By default, late assignments automatically lose 20% if they are not submitted to J-Web on time.

By default, assignments earn a maximum of half credit when they are submitted later than midnight on the day they were due.

All Late Work

For all late work, contact me to tell me what I should find in the late drop box on J-Web -- otherwise I may never see it, and won't know that I should change the recorded zero. If you are asking that I waive the late penalty, upload a copy of your completed Absence Form into the J-Web late paper drop box, with a file name that follows this pattern: "Smith EL267 Ex 1-2 Absence Form".

Unless I grant you an extension in advance, all other assignments are penalized one letter grade for each day they are late (including Saturdays, but not counting Sundays or holidays when the university does not offer classes). (Students who have had me before should note, this is stricter than my previous policy.)

Special Cases

RRRR Items: These time-sensitive assignments (see the RRRR section of the FAQ page) earn no credit if they are late. (You should still complete any items you missed in order to get full credit for your class portfolio.)

Class Participation: The way to get credit for a missed in-class activity is to contribute substantially to the online discussion. Post thoughtful comments on the course website, your peers' websites, and/or your own. To make sure that I see and record credit for this alternative work, paste the URLs of your online contributions into a word processor file, and upload the file into the J-Web late paper box in order to make up a missed set of discussion prompts.-----

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