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Glaspell, ''Trifles'' -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

County Attorney (facetiously). Well, Henry, at least we found out that she was not going to quilt it. She was going to--what is it you call it, ladies!
Mrs. Hale (her hand against her pocket). We call it--knot it, Mr. Henderson.

This is my first time of reading "Trifles" and I have noticed that the ladies seem to know something. The county attorney, the sheriff, and Hale seem to put the women down. I say this because the men go about there way of finding clues and leaves the women inside or to do what they want. I also believe that it is ironic that John Wright was knotted around the neck and that Mrs. Hale said, "We call it--knot it, Mr. Henderson. I would have liked to known if they found any information about who ropped Wright's neck. This play was well written and I really enjoyed reading it. Overall, I believe that the women knew more about what happened then what the detectives actually thought.

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I found it very interesting that the women managed to find the clues not so much because they knew how to find evidence but because they were used to looking very closely at everything, even the small "trifles" the men scoffed at. I had to wonder if the author wasn't suggesting a bit of superiority of the female intellect in certain areas. If so (and even if not) it was ironic that the men scoffed at the very evidence they were searching for.

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