Marjorie never knew what was coming...


Fitzgerald, ''Bernice Bobs Her Hair'' (online) -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"Bending over she found one of the braids of Marjorie's hair, followed it up with her hand to the point nearest the head,
and then holding it a little slack so that the sleeper would feel no pull, she reached down with the shears and severed it."

After reading this line, I thought that Bernice did the right thing. From the beginning Majorie was never really nice to Barnice. She told her that she was very old fashioned and didnt say the right things. Bernice feeling upset and disgusted listened to everything that Majorie said. Then, when Bernice actually "bobbed her hair," Majorie was surprised that she did so. After reading that entry, I thought that Bernice was foolish for listening to Majorie. Then at the end, when Bernice went into Majorie's room and cut her hair, I thought Bernice was right for doing it. After reading this short story, I thought that Bernice was tormented the entire stroy for everything she did and she got back at Majorie. I laughed when Bernice said at the end, "Scalp the selfish thing." Another words she said what I was thinking, Majorie deserved it.


I also felt some sort of satisfaction knowing that Marjorie got what she deserved, and I certainly think she was being rather stupid to just think that Bernice was going to let her get away with it. But, the vindictiveness wasn't in Bernice's nature and so you're right Marjorie didn't see it coming. Although, when Bernice really went through with bobbing her hair, Marjorie shouldn't have underestimated her so much.

Now, while I do agree that Marjorie did deserve what she got, I have a harder time agreeing with you that Bernice was right to be the one to give her what she deserved. A part of me ceased to feel as sorry for Bernice once I realized she was plotting revenge, because I think she was a better person than Marjorie and she abandoned that part of herself and sort of lowered herself to Marjorie's level.

I am in complete agreement. To me, there is nothing that can end a story of manipulation and embarassment quite like sweet revenge.

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