People change with time!


O'Connor, ''A Good Man is Hard to Find'' -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"These days you don't know who to trust," he said, "ain't that the truth?"

I liked this quote because it somewhat foreshadows what might happen in the story. Obviously The Misfit's are a bad group of people and are known for doing bad things. This quote tells how people change over time. As one quote stated, "I remember when you could leave the screen door open." It is very true that time has told how violence and other negative aspects have played a major role within shaping our society. No one can leave there doors open for the day anymore because you jsut can't trust people enough. As this story foretold, The Misfit's would probably do something to the family. Overall, I liked this quote because it tells us that it is very important to be honest and trustworthy because that is how people many years ago used to be. I believe that this quote is straight foreword and has a true meaning.


You're right. Things have definately changed in the real world too! I've heard people say things VERY similar before. Even in our lifetime things have changed so much. Don't you love it when literature is such a true representation of reality?

I agree, yes, we live in an unsafe world - but I don't think that the world of the past was a safe haven. They also had problems and there were rapes and murders and theft just the same as today. What has changed is the volume of people - so the volume of unsafe behavior increases.

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