Reflection: Symbolism within time

Everyone has there own opinion from the way the earth was formed to a simple reason of why something happened. The poem entitled “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by Eliot can be compared to a quote within Chapter 12 of Foster’s novel. After reading Jenna Miller’s entry entitled “The Same Old Thing” I formed a possible connection between the two readings. The quote stated, “Everywhere you look, the ground is already camped. So you sigh and pitch your tent where you can, knowing someone else has been there before.” This quote reminded me of how literature is examined for years and years. As the quote said, “you pitch your tent, knowing that someone has been there before” and it is the same when you read literature, you already know that someone has read it before. This may be a small comparison, but I think that as the poem and quote talked about time, it is important to recognize that someone has been in your shoes. In conclusion, Eliot and Foster show a relationship by telling us that everyone knows what is in the past, but should think about what the future entails.

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