Where will I get a Job?


Where there are words, there are jobs for the English major.
But don't think the only jobs for English majors involve words.

This quote makes me feel much more sucure knowing that I will be able to get a job at many places. I am receiving certification in elementary/special education and secondary. I want to be a special education English teacher, but you never know when there is going to be a surplus of teachers where you live or are applying. After reading this short passage and hearing that with an English major one can get a job with communications, book publishers, technological review writers, and many more I felt secure. I think that this is important to know because there are more options to an English major instead of teaching or being a journalist. I am very good with computer technology and hearing about working with technological innovations surprised me. This was because I never thought that an English major had so many oppurtunities.


Derek, if you like technology and writing, you could consider a career in technical writing. I used to specialize in teaching that, and I still keep a bunch of handouts on the topic.



Derek, I agree with you in that there are many jobs out there for the English major that we were not aware of. I too want to go into teaching, but like you said, one never knows when there could be a lack of teaching jobs and we might have to find other work in the time being!

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