The "Machine" Helps Run Our Lives!?


Forster, ''The Machine Stops'' -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"The Machine," they exclaimed, "feeds us and clothes us and houses us; through it we speak to one another, through it we see one another, in it we have our being."

After reading the introduction about how the article was written in 1909 about people using the internet I thought that this quote was interesting. Just by simply reading over it quickly, I thought that this is true for some people in the world today. When you think about it, the "Machine" meaning the computer can do many things for us. As the quote stated, it feeds us because we can by food on the internet, it clothes us because we can by clothes on the internet, and it houses us because we can look for houses over the internet. We also speak through it with instant messengar and emails and we can see one another by using video cameras. Im not sure that I understand that "in it we have our being", but overall this quote is true for most people. The computer technology has grown so quickly, just think I am speaking through it about my thoughts. It is very interesting how much people depend on the computer or the "Machine." Another interesting fact was that it was written in 1909 and it still current today. This quote is very current because people do all of the things it said. But the most interesting part of it is that Forster thought of this when writing it in 1909. It is interesting what the future can tell...


I agree with you. It definitely is interesting. I guess there are some things with which we never fully learn. And that is an interesting observation--that the Machine can be related to the internet. It does make sense. That is creepy.

This is a very interesting thing, but at the same time scary. Hopefully we don't all depend on technology to run our lifes. I know this is pathetic, but my parents are always worried that my little sister talks online too much instead of people in person...I think that sometimes technology can be a negative thing, even though it is so amazing! Don't get me wrong, I love the internet and my MacBook goes everywhere with me, but I still consider going for a walk fun.

Remember the Y2K scare? How people were freaking out because the computers would crash and life as we know it would end? (Machine stop, anyone?) My uncle actually had to stay at work that night to ensure that no problems would arise.
Our version of the "machine" didn't end up stopping, but the problems and panic that it would was still there. Oh how we have progressed since 1909 . . .

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