"A Late Encounter with the Enemy" - Oh! No!

O'Connor (Choose One of Three) -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"This was met with a great din of spontaneous applause and it was at just that instant that Sally Poker looked down at her feet and discovered that in the excitement of getting ready she had forgotten to change her shoes: two brown Girl Scout oxfords protruded from the bottom of her dress."

I just really laughed when I read this quote from the text. The reason that I laughed was because I did something similar like this before a wedding. Obviously I was wearing a suit and it was about an hour before the wedding. My parents left the hotel and I was leaving the room and then I noticed...I forgot to bring my dress shoes. I didn't know what to do and ran outside to my parents car where they were waiting. I said we have to go buy me a pair of shoes. They were so surprised that I didn't bring my dress shoes. So they drove me to the local mall and bought a pair and we made it to the wedding just in time. And the wedding was in Harrisburg also, so it wasn't even close to home. But, I thought that this was interesting, but at least I noticed before I got to the wedding. I sort of feel bad about what happened because that had to be very noticable and embrassing.

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