Reflection Paper!

Flannery OíConnorís short story entitled, ďA Good Man is Hard to FindĒ is based on good and evil. This is important to understand throughout the story because everyone has faults and mistakes that may be good or bad. I found an interesting connection with Ellen Einspornís blog entry. She stated that all sin can be seen through the Misfit. When you compare the Misfit to Satan as a religious term, then you can easily see this. It is important to notice that not all sin can be undone, but it should be known and avoided at all times. It is also very interesting that the Misfit can not remember what sin he actually did for it makes it very universal, as Ellen stated. The Misfit can be referred to religion in many ways and it is important to understand when sin is being done.

Reference: Ellen Einsporn's Blog Entry

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