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O'Connor (Choose One of Three) -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

Reflection Paper for "A Late Encounter with the Enemy"

It is important to understand what has happened in the past for everyone can gain knowledge from it. Jennifer Perx made a great connection with the past and enemies. She stated that the General was rethinking about the different people that he knew in the past. These people can be referred to the enemies and he does not like thinking about it. This is such an interesting connection and everyone can learn from their past. We develop over time and the events that we encounter affect who we ultimately are. As Jennifer stated, we must realize the past and not make the same mistakes so we can grow as an individual and a community. This explanation fits the title perfect and makes a lot of sense. It is interesting how some people interpret things different and can explain them with ease.

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Link to Jennifer Prex for my Reflection Paper:

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