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This blog portfolio contains all of the blogs that I have composed since the last portfolio. This blog portfolio contains many sections which include coverage, depth, interaction, discussions, timeliness, xenoblogging, and wildcard.

Coverage: (This section contains all of the assigned agenda items since the last blog portfolio)

~Poetry Selections - How lucky we are!

~Poems: Short but effective - Poetry and Relationships

~Hamilton, Essential Literary Terms (198-225) - Rhyme is better!

~Poetry is for the Ear - How do you use the right words

~Lemire (skim Ch 2-7) - Being a Good Teacher

~Lemire (skim Ch 2-7) - The Perfect Job

~Hamilton, Essential Literary Terms (226-246) - Rhyming has a Literary Term

~Truss, Eats, Shoots and Leaves - Do you Punctuate Text Messages

~Truss, Eats, Shoots and Leaves - Why Commas!!

~Truss, Eats, Shoots and Leaves - Words Change over Time!

~O'Connor, "The Life You Save May Be Your Own" - Religion and Mr. Shiftlet

~O'Connor, "A Stroke of Good Fortune" - Interesting Story!

~Desmond, ''Flannery O'Connor's Misfit and the Mystery of Evil - The Misfit needs HELP!

~O'Connor (Choose one of the three) - "A Late encounter with the Enemy" - Oh! No!

~O'Connor, Good Country People - What Good Country Boy!?

Depth: (This section includes the agenda items that prompted great discussion and went in depth with the reading)

~Do you Punctuate Text Messages!?

~Why Commas!!

~Words Change over Time!

~The Misfit needs HELP!!

Interaction: (This section contains comments that helped facilitate or promote classroom discussion)

~Do you Punctuate Text Messages!?

~Words Change over Time!

~The Misfit needs HELP!!

~Poetry and Relationships

~What Good Country Boy!?

Discussions: (This section contains blog entries that started classroom discussion)

~"A Late Encounter with the Enemy" - Oh! No!

~Interesting Story!

~Words Change Over Time!

~Why Commas!!

~The Perfect Job...

Timeliness: (This section contains blogs that were written early enough to spark a good online discussion. All except for a few were posted early.)

~Do You Punctuate Text Messages!?

~How lucky are we!

~Being a Good Teacher!

~Words Change Over Time!

~Why Commas!!

~The Misfit Needs HELP!!

~What Good Country Boy!?

Xenoblogging: (This section contains comments that I was first to leave on fellow classmates)

~Comment on Maggie's Blog: I Was Born For This...

~Comment on Corinne Lauer's Blog: HEAR ME HEAR ME!

~Comment on MacKenzie Harbison's Blog: Rhythm Makes the World Go Round

~Comment on MacKenzie Harbison's Blog: The Tune of Punctuation

~Comment on Ellen Einsporn's Blog: Don't eat that apple!

~Comment on Chera Pupi's Blog: Encounter with the Enemy-Sweet Sixteen!

~Comment on Ellen Einsporn's Blog: An ignorant genius


Blog Entry: Do You Punctuate Text Messages!?

The reason that I choose this particular bog entry is because it sparked a lot of discussion and also made the class discussion very interesting. The reading was from the text entitled, "Truss, Eats, Shoots, and Leaves" which many of the students found interesting and worth reading for the many facts that were presented. In addition to this, Lorin was able to present some interesting facts about when she was in Britain and this gave the class come information about another country. Overall, this blog entry was the most interesting of mine and was a great addition to the classroom.

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